The City of Seattle should be a national leader in the use of technology to empower residents and businesses and enhance the delivery of city services. Michael has demonstrated the knowledge and focus on collaboration and engagement that I believe is necessary to drive technology adoption and make technology work for our city. I look forward to working with him toward our shared vision of an innovative, interconnected city.

Statement regarding last night’s homicide in the International District

For the third time in a week, Seattle has suffered a devastating loss of life as result of guns.

Once again, it is members of our East African community who feel the pain of this violence most directly. And once again, we as a city together mourn the loss of one of our young men taken too soon.

Our condolences are with the victim’s loved ones today.

The police department has our full support as it conducts its investigation to understand what transpired — and how and why — and bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.

“Today, we are grateful for the work of my Income Inequality Advisory Committee, the Seattle City Council and everyone who lent their voice to this process and helped us get to this historic day.


“Although it is historic, today marks a beginning, not an end.


“It is not about promises kept, but about promises to keep.


“We have taken a great step forward in the challenge of addressing income inequality and rebuilding the middle class.


“And it’s a step we recommend to other cities around the country who seek to take action as we have.


“But it is only a first step.

“Income inequality will not be solved by the minimum wage alone.


“Together, we must continue our work to provide:

·         Children with a hand-up, through pre-school opportunities;

·         Seniors with recreational opportunities at our community centers;

·         Transit opportunities that allow people to live and work in this city; and above all

·         Housing that’s affordable to Seattle’s working families.


“Our work must continue.


“I’ll close by returning to my favorite FDR quote:


“The country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it: If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.        


“The economic policy of the 34 years has failed, it has decimated the middle class and it has created the largest income inequality gap in our history.


“Seattle is trying something else.


“And we are doing it the Seattle way, through collaboration with our great community of businesses large and small – this city’s leaders in innovation, job creators and civic partners.


“Seattle – all of you here today – has shown that we can help our employees without hurting our employers. I want to again thank you all for your leadership.


“And with that, I will sign the legislation.”